Weekend Cinema - A Trip Through The River Rouge Plant no less..

in keeping with the fine traditions of Weekend Cinema this film requires some time investment... and for the price of such you get a classic piece of USA history as written though it's culture and love of the motor car like 'A Trip through the River Rouge plant of the Ford Motor Company...going on to tell the story of both Fords and the USA in general. The massive plant which was once the biggest plant in the world did everything required to produce a motor car from scratch from within its own premises whether it was making the steel to make the car or the glass to produce the windows is already here (incidentally, as an aside, the glass was made from a special sand which Henry Ford had already identified as being underneath the land and he consequently built part of the complex over the entrance to what became the Sand Tunnels ...which a Sub Ex Explore Team of some repute called Minneapolis Action Squad found their way down there and photographed their find...I posted it some while ago ...some people may recall the entrance was hidden behind a large DANGER 230,000 Volts Warning sign and down an old shaft). I'll dig out the spelunking film if it's wanted..

Now then in keeping with Weekend Cinema's raison d'etre this here ain't no TukTok blx so if that is your preferred item please take the well known route as espoused by Whacko. Everyone else relax back and watch something interesting for a while - Rivet Counters will not be disappointed - would I lie to ya..

Type Video
Duration 16:39
Date Mar-26-2023
Tags #Weekend Cinema #Malarkey #and why not. \'Beat-it\'.

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